"Use The Secret New 5-Minute Daily Planning Ritual That Could Net You Up to $8333 a Month In 2019…"

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Hello, By accessing this special report, you’ve shown you’re a person open to new ideas. You’re someone serious about making $8333 a month – and more.

And I’m serious about showing you how this whole new daily planning ritual could potentially do it!

Best of all, you’re going to be able to try out this new 5-minute daily planning ritual at no risk to you. No catch or gimmicks. There’s only one simple condition you’ll need to agree to. And it’s quite fair.

So please, focus 100% of your attention on this report and read through it carefully. 

By the end of it, you’ll be thrilled to know there’s a whole new way for you designed to get your income to $8333 a month via online marketing, even if you’ve failed at it before, or you’re brand new and just getting started.

Like I told you before, I TRIED other types of planners and systems. I always had tons of things packed into them, extra tabs, pages, dividers, inserts and junk.

They only made things worse. I also bought one from a motivational speaker that helped no doubt. But it was TOO SIMPLE and had NOTHING to do with my Internet marketing life.

I realized generic planners and generic planning system just would NOT cut it! No way!

I needed something powerful. Dramatic. Different.

It took a lot of time, study, research and experimentation. But FINALLY I came up with what I’m about to share with you….

Before I show you how this 5-minute daily planning ritual will hold your hand on the way to $8333 a month, let me give you a quick overview of the key concepts you’ll be reading about….


Everyone knows that only 20% of the things you do make you 80% of your sales and PROFITS.

Which is why so many experts, authorities, high achievers and rich people use and endorse planners, goal setting and focusing on your 20% activities.

And rightly so.

No doubt about it. Using ANY PLANNER for just 30 minutes a week is going to get you results. 100%. No doubt about it. I don’t care if it’s a two-bit planner from your local office supply or one of those high-end fancy jobs.

They all work …. to a degree. It just makes sense. Instead of jumping around like a jack rabbit, you focus on a few things that get results. Instead of chasing bright and shiny objects, you do the few things with huge payoffs.

But there’s a problem.

These planners don’t work NEARLY as good as they could.


There are 6 reasons actually. I explained these briefly earlier but NOW I’m going to throw open the doors to new POSSIBILITIES by spelling out the exact SOLUTION for each of the problems….

 Start each week KNOWING how much money you will make that week!

If you were using the 5 minute daily ritual, today, right NOW, you could tell me your exact money goal this week. That is, how much money you were planning on making THIS WEEK.

And not only that, you could tell me exactly how that money was going to be made. See, my 5 Minute Daily Ritual COMBINED with whole new Profit Planner solves this huge problem…

The problem: Traditional planners aren’t for marketers….at all. So there’s absolutely ZERO focus on your sales or profits.

SOLUTION: I’ve built the Internet Marketing Profits Planner to automatically focus you in on your money goal each week.

Just by this one action, you’ll stop going on wild goose chases. You’ll say to yourself, “This is my goal this week. Here are the 20% of things that will make it happen. I’m doing this!”

You plan your work and work your plan. At the end of the week, you simply fill in the blanks to see if you got your result or not.

If you did, you increase it the next week.

If you didn’t, you adjust your plan and go for it again. Nothing could be simpler. And it’s so FUN every time you hit your money goal for the week!

The Profit Planner spells out for you the 20% of actions and guides you to plug them into your week.

Right off the bat, you can start having your most productive, profitable weeks – ever.

 Get focused on online marketing every week.

The problem: Traditional planners only give you a “grab bag” list of things to do. These could be anything from washing your cousin’s car to getting rid of the weeds in your yard.

There’s NO online marketing focus – at all!

No wonder it’s so easy to zip through your week then look back and realize you didn’t accomplish anything other than checking out a bunch of websites and chatting on Facebook!

The Bible says, “without vision the people perish.”

I’d go on an add to that “without vision your INCOME, your dreams, your goals, your future – they ALL perish!”

That makes total sense, right? Here’s the solution that changes everything.

SOLUTION: Insert into your day every day the exact things that cause your money goal to happen.

Now, automatically each week on a daily basis you’ll easily zoom right in on the few things to do that will pay off for you big time. In a second, I’ll explain why it’s the “funnest” game you’ll ever play, and adds juice to your life.

 Know exactly how many new customers you got and how much money they’ll put in hour bank within 30 days.

The problem: Most people know if they make sales or not. The problem is they have no clue how much money that means over the next 30 days. So they don’t know how much to spend on “buying customers.”

This is why you may have felt confused, overwhelmed or frustrated with Internet marketing! It’s because you didn’t have the right number to work with.

SOLUTION: Each week you’ll write down your 30-day customer value number. Boom!

All of a sudden everything else becomes crystal clear.

This is the SINGLE number that causes some businesses to explode, seemingly overnight. For example, my friend Matt took his business from around $10,000 a month to $250,000 a month within 6 months, all because he focused all the time on this one single number.

Why? Here’s an example:

Let’s say you write down $90 for your 30 day number. Which means that every new customer is worth $90 to you in 30 days.

This means you can spend $30 to $45 on your Facebook ads to get that customer!

If this week you got 100 such customers, how much money is that in 30 days?

You spend $45. You get back $90.

If you have a slot machine. And every time you put in $45, you got back $90, how many times would you put in $45?

How hard is it to plan your week when you know that every time you put in $45 you get back $90?

Or let’s say you’re starting smaller.

You have a little money machine that spits out $40 every time you put a $20 in. How often will you put in the $20?

Now keep in mind that this is the 30-day value. If you know a customer is worth $200 to you in 90 days, then maybe you spend ALL of the 30-day value to get the 90.

Then you can really go crazy with your ads.

And it’s not just ads.

Maybe that is money you’re spending to have content for your blog created. And you know the numbers on your blog. For every $45 you spend on content, in 30 days or 90 days you get back $90.

Or maybe it’s affiliate promotions.

See how knowing this opens up the whole world to you! All of a sudden that overwhelm turns into massive excitement because you know your “weekly number.”

No traditional planner tracks this for you. That’s why you need one built for online marketers BY an online marketer. ONLY the Profit Planner has the 5-Minute Daily Ritual built into it, your weekly money goal, and the top 10 weekly “profit list” that you inject into your week that causes the money goal to happen. (I’ll explain this crucial profit list in a minute.)

Perhaps for the first time in your entire life, you’ll feel EXCITED when you wake up in the morning. Because you’ll KNOW your money goal for the week. You’ll know your top 10 profit list. And you’ll inject the exact activities into your week to make it happen.

 Boost your actual results by 200%

Research has shown that by plugging in the exact date and time you’ll do an action, you increase your results by 200%. I’ll tell you about the shocking research on this later in this report.

Just knowing this one SECRET explains WHY you may have had focus problems in the past. Or you felt confused. Or overwhelmed. And you just didn’t know how to move forward.

Perhaps you bought product after product, or you felt like doing it, hoping and praying you could just get a freaking moment of CLARITY!

That’s a HUGE PROBLEM with traditional planners….

The problem: Traditional planners normally give you a page to put your laundry list of a billion things “to do.” You feel frustrated. Overwhelmed. Confused.

SOLUTION: The answer is to have a SYSTEM that plugs in the exact profit activities into every day that it takes to cause your money goal for the week to happen.

That means you’ll be 200% more productive every day. And the results from that snowball as you have success on top of success.

 Create a predictable income

The problem: Traditional planners just have a list of “to do’s” and that’s about it. They have nothing that helps you as an online entrepreneur plan your profits.

SOLUTION: Just plug in your number of new customers each week and your 30, 60 and 90-day values. That lets you PREDICT your income in 30, 60 and 90 days!

You want to increase your income?

Just buy more customers on the front end. Only the Profit Planner gives you a SYSTEM for enjoying an entirely predictable income.

 Grow leaps and bounds by “buying customers”

The problem: With traditional planners, you have this longer and longer list of things to do with almost no results to show for it.

Pretty soon you just STOP, because you feel like “what’s the use?” Where is this getting me? At the end of the year, you look back at your planner. You have a bunch of tasks crossed off and whole bunch more that aren’t crossed off.

You feel depressed, like a failure.

Instead of feeling like that, it’s just easier to NOT use the planner! At least that way you don’t feel like crap at the end of another year on the treadmill with little to show for it.

SOLUTION: Focus every week on buying new customers.

Clarity is a thing of beauty.

Once you know just a few weekly numbers, there’s NO MYSTERY how you’ll reach 6 figures or even 7.

For example, 6 figures = $8333 a month or roughly $2083 a week. That means you need $297 a day net.

Let’s say you know that in 30 days a new customer is worth $60 to you.

If you can buy new customers for $30 in ad or marketing costs. You’ll get back $60 at the end of 30 days.

That means each week all you need to do is create your shortlist to buy 10 customers a day @ $30 each.

  1. No smoke.
  2. No mirrors.
  3. No overwhelm.
  4. No confusion.
  5. No chasing bright and shiny objects.

Each week ENTER in your planner, your number of new customers the week before, how much you spent to get them and how much you’ve made per customer in the past 30 days.

Then you make your plan to improve those numbers THIS week.

That’s all you do.

It’s simple. And it becomes a FUN GAME you play. And the SCORE is kept by the money you make!

Instead of looking at it like your entire future depends on it and being in a “desperado” mindset, you begin to look at it as a game you play.

And it beats the heck out of video games because you spend your score!

Hard Core Research Proves This Absolutely Works

Just to show you how revolutionary this approach is, here are two research studies that PROVE how super powerful this is.

Proof #1: Double the results time and time again!

Social psychologist Peter Gollwitzer, University of Konstanz, conducted a study where university students were told to write a paper on how they spent Christmas. But half the students were also told to decide when and where they’d write the essay. Only 32% of the students with no plan on where or where they would write the paper completed it. In contrast, a whopping 71% of the students WIT a plan completed the essay.

That is DOUBLE the results!

The same results were replicated in another study asking students to take 10 practice PSAT tests during summer break. Half the students were asked to decide when and where they’d work on the practice problems. AGAIN, those without the plan completed 100 problems. Those WITH a plan completed 250!

That’s MORE than DOUBLE the results.

Proof #2: It even works for heroin addicts and schizophrenics!

Over two hundred men and women in northern England participated in a study to reduce their fat intake in one month. Half the people were asked to make plans for how they’d eat less fat and what they’d do in different situations.

The planning group reduced both fat and saturated fat! In contrast, the non-planners INCREASED their fat intake!

A similar study replicated results with quitting smoking.

What’s more, HEROIN ADDICTS were asked to write a short resume while in treatment which would be used to help them find a job when they got out. NONE of the non-planners wrote a resume!

And if THAT isn’t enough for you, similar results were replicated for SCHIZOPHRENICS! I don’t care how much of a problem you have procrastinating, setting goals or getting things done.

If it’ll work for smokers, weight loss, heroin addicts and SCHIZOPHRENICS, don’t you think it’s got a pretty good chance of working for you?

Source: Chapter 9 of Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals by Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D.


How I Combined The 5-Minute aily Ritual WITH “The Magic Number” To Create The Most Powerful Internet Sales and Profits System Ever!

The REAL POWER of the 5-Minute Daily Ritual comes into full swing when you COMBINE it with “The Magic Number.”

There’s one number that is so potent, so powerful, so all important that I call it simple “The Magic Number.” Now, we know magic doesn’t really exist. But if it DID, this would be it!

Because when you know this one number, everything CHANGES….

That sounds like quite a statement, so let me explain…

There’s just this one number….and when you KNOW this number, you can PREDICT you have a power almost no one else has.

This number SOLVES 3 of the most painful and difficult BLOCKADES online marketers, info product sellers and web entrepreneurs run smack dab into almost daily.

These blockades hold your money back from you. They rob you of your confidence. They steal your success.

BLOCKADE ONE: There are TOO MANY decisions to make. How do you know what to do and what NOT to do?

Imagine this.

You have your planner.

You write your money goal for the week.

Now in a NORMAL planner you make a long list of stuff you “SHOULD” do but don’t WANT to do and then you feel more and more depressed as you think about having to do all that junk this week.

You have NO WAY to make decisions. Should you do this? Should you do that? Should you do ALL of it? Or none of it?

No freaking wonder people feel confused, overwhelmed and lack focus.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

When you have “The Number” THEN you make decisions to improve THAT NUMBER. All you do is ask yourself, “WILL THIS IMPROVE THE NUMBER?”

If it won’t, you scrap it or think very, very seriously about whether to inject it into your week.

Having THAT number virtually makes decisions FOR you.

Best of all, my Internet Marketing Profit Planner shows you how to simply, quickly and easily GET this number and inject it into your weekly PLAN. That way, it’s ALWAYS staring at you. You’re ALWAYS aware of it.

You let it make those decisions FOR YOU that used to drag you down into the depths of indecision, and possibly even despair or self-doubt at times.

A lot of people join coaching programs because they want someone ELSE to make those decisions FOR THEM. They are literally giving over their POWER to someone else!

I don’t believe in that. I believe YOU have the power when you know “The Number.” You don’t need someone else to make decisions for you when it’s as obvious as the NOSE ON YOUR FACE!

BLOCKADE TWO: Where do you find the TIME?

See, in the past, planning systems were often complicated. You have all these roles, tasks, master lists, lists, tabs, more lists – and worse than all, they sometimes conflicted with each other!

You end up with this massive master list of 70 things to do this month and no time to do ¾ of them, if even that!

How in the WORLD does a normal person sort through all that JUNK and figure out what to do this WEEK and TODAY to make your money goal?

Of course, with NORMAL planners that isn’t a problem because there is NO MONEY GOAL for the week or day!

The 5-Minute Daily Planning Ritual removes all this complexity and focuses you on the one MAGIC NUMBER that causes the other numbers to happen.

That’s because it’s a SOURCE NUMBER, or a causative number.

Instead of that huge, massive master task list, you’ll have one list of TEN THINGS to plug into this MONTH.

And you’ll smoothly and easily inject those into your week using my Profit Planner sheet designed exactly for that purpose.

Imagine the surge of energy, excitement and renewed vigor when you are 100% crystal on your top 10 for the month and the week! And you have it all INJECTED into your daily Profit Plan.

Then it’s almost mechanical. You just follow the activities you plugged into your Profit Plan knowing this will give you a good probability of hitting your money goal for the week.

And if you don’t, it’s super easy to inject a corrective activity the following week.

BLOCKADE THREE: Discouragement

How do you stay motivated and on track when family or friends doubt, discourage or make fun of your online money making ventures?

Here you are….maybe you have a day job. You get home. You know you want to make things happen.

But you don’t have a money goal for the week because no one ever showed you how to do it.

Then your spouse, family, brother, system, cousin or parent rains on your money parade by making fun of what you’re doing or throwing their bucket of doubts, discouragement and skepticism on your fire of enthusiasm.

Your fire turns into a little flicker. And soon you give up….before you ever really gave it a go and got it started.

Well, what if there were a way to TURN THE TABLES On That Bucket of Cold Water and throw it “right back at ya!”

Imagine this: They throw that bucket of cold water on you.

You whip out your PROFIT PLANNER and SHOW THEM your stinkin’ 30 and 60 day projections.

And you explain how it’s all based on your MAGIC NUMBER which you show them.

And you show them how you’ve been IMPROVING THIS week by week!

That’s something even a skeptical banker would have to respect.

What If You Could PREDICT Your Income 60 Days From Now — And Inject Money Activities NOW Into Your Daily Plan To Make That Number Be What You Want?

No one teaches this stuff.

No one shows you how to PREDICT your income from your Internet marketing 30, 60 or 90 days from now.

You CAN! And you can inject new activities to CHANGE that income to be what you WANT it to be.

In a second I’ll walk you through the page where you can PREDICT your 30, 60 and 90 day income – all based 100% on cold, hard facts via your “Magic Number.”

Once you know your Magic Number, you know that X customers TODAY will cause DEPOSITS to be placed into your Paypal or bank account in the amount of $X in 30, 60 and 90 days.

That means, all you need TODAY are X new customers.

And to make $8333 a month, it’s NOT as many as you might think.

Imagine the CONFIDENCE and SECURITY YOU FEEL when you KNOW how to predict your income and you have injected the activities TODAY that will CAUSE those new customers and your income to happen almost like CLOCKWORK.

In fact, a copywriter would probably call this CASH LIKE CLOCKWORK. But to me, it’s just LOGIC, COMMON SENSE and the simplest math in the world that a 6th grader could do.

Dan Kennedy once said that all marketing is just psychology and math. How right he was!

Here’s How Your 5-Minute Daily Planning Ritual Could Potentially Inject Up To $8333 a Month Into Your Hip Pocket National Bank…

Starting 10 Days From Now!

Now that I’ve covered all the basics, here’s the real HEART of it all.

First of all, why plan for $8333 a month?

Are you LIMITED to that?

Heck no!

$8333 a month x 12 = $99,996 a year! In other words, six figures, baby! That’s a great STARTING goal for most people.

But there’s nothing to stop you from creating ADDITIONAL $8333 Profit Plans once you have your FIRST ONE!

Want to go to 7 figures?

You just keep creating $8333 a month plans until you have TEN of them. That’s 7 figures.

$8333 SOUNDS like a lot.

But really, it isn’t. Not when you break it down.

Take $8333 / 4 = $2083.25

We’ll call it 2 grand or 2 G’s a week.

Divide $2083 / 7 days = $297.60 PER DAY

That’s all it is. It isn’t some huge, massive, unattainable number.

I promise you that if you really get ahold of the 5 minute daily ritual, your weekly Profit Planning sessions and your monthly top 10 list, and you follow your Daily Profit Plan, before you know it a $297 day won’t seem like JACK!

Let’s look at $297 a day….

That’s 10 $29 ebooks on Amazon, JV Zoo, WSO’s, TeeSpring or Etsy!

That’s all it is!

Or it’s just 15, $7 reports sold on 100% commissions with just 3 of the buyers taking your $97 “One Time Offer” (commonly called an OTO).

In other words, if you let other people sell a $7 report for you and you gave them ALL the $7 for selling it for you, 100% commissions and then you offered those 15 buyers ONE product for $97. And just 3 people took you up on it (20%), you’d hit your number.

Or maybe it’s a product that is billed $47 this month and $47 NEXT MONTH. Recently, a marketer tested that and found that almost as many people ordered at $47 this month and $47 NEXT as ordered ONLY $47 this month!

All they did was tack on an extra payment and sales stayed about the same!

Could you do that 3 times a day?

I’ll guarantee you this: When you break that down into your top 10 activities, and plug them into your daily Profit Plan, MAGIC HAPPENS, or close to it!

Now, instead of chasing bright and shiny objects, you KNOW rock solid what you want to do TODAY.

You want to do ANYTHING you CAN do to sell your $297.


No problem. You game plan EACH WEEK!

You don’t start with 3 sales TODAY.

You START with getting your opt ins flowing.

You do the LITTLE THINGS daily that MOVE YOU CLOSER to making just ONE sale THIS WEEK!

Then next week you go for 2 or 3 sales.

Then the next week you go for 1 sale every other day.

The next week you go for 1 sale day.

Inch by Inch Anything’s A Cinch
All you do is make it better every week
than the week before. It’s a FUN GAME!

I think Robert Schuller or one of those famous motivational speakers said that.

Remember, your goal with your 5-Minute Daily Planning Ritual is to do just one or two things THAT DAY that get you closer to your daily goal.

That’s all. You don’t have to erect Rome overnight. You just inject your top 10 list each month and week into your daily plan. And then you just check off the activities as they’re done.

It becomes the most FUN and profitable GAME you’ve ever played in your entire life.

And when you do that 365 times in a year (or anything CLOSE to that) and every day BUILDS ON the day before, that’s a thing of power.

Momentum builds.

Your excitement builds.

Your income grows.

Instead of making it this serious, enormously urgent, end-of-the-world thing, you make it a GAME that is the most FUN thing you’ve ever done in your life. And you see PROGRESS every day and week.

Because every day and week you’re doing just LITTLE THINGS to move you CLOSER to that $297 a day and $8333 a month.

By year’s END, you’ll be THRILLED to see just how much those little daily actions have added up to! And once and for all you’ll SHUT UP those negative, discourage naysayers that throw cold water on your plans.

Instead of being frozen with indecision, frustrated by all the decisions you don’t know how to make, you’ll have tremendous MOMENTUM BECAUSE you have a MASTER PLAN that actually works!

Talk about super sonic enthusiasm, results and progress, this is IT!

Key Facts About The 5-Minute Daily Planning Ritual You MUST Understand Now To Profit ASAP

Fact 1: You can use this Ritual whether you are an affiliate marketer, product creator, coach, Amazon Seller – or sell anything online.

As long as you GET customers and those customers buy from you more than one time, you could PROFIT big time by using the daily planning ritual.

Amazon sellers can funnel even NON-buyers to a list, using a simple but little-known secret. Once people join your list, you have the opportunity to present OFFERS or One Time Offers.

And then you jot down the INCOME each week from those on your Planners. You make it a GAME to grow the income from those each week. This is VERY DIFFERENT from what the normal Amazon marketer does where it’s just SPRAY AND PRAY!

Fact 2: Affiliate marketers use the 5-Minute Daily Planning Ritual to make more each week

Let’s say you’re an affiliate marketer.

Did you know the BEST way to build your list is to have your own inexpensive product you sell via other affiliates?

That blows away a lot of affiliates! They never thought of it that way. But get this…you don’t need some fancy, massive course or ebook that takes weeks or months to write.

Literally, you can write a very simple sales letter using Push Button Letters for a $1 REPORT, give affiliates 100% commissions and be SHOCKED at how people promote it.

That funnels pure buyers onto your list.

Now you jack up that income by adding OTO’s or offers for AFFILIATE PRODUCTS.

That’s right, you can add 3 to 5 OTO’s or additional offers after people buy your $1, $5 or $7 report!

Plug those numbers into your Profit Planner, take a few minutes to tally up your Magic Number – and you’re off to the races and running!

No one teaches affiliate marketing in a way you can steadily grow it like I’m showing you here.

Then, as your CONFIDENCE and income SOARS, you can spend $150 to have your own EBOOK written! Now you have your own $7, $9.95 or $17 OTO!

Do that two more times and you have 3 OTO’s.

Make the second one TWO payments of $17, instead of one payment! Your sales may hardly go down and your profits soar!

Next, you take 30% of that cash you’re generating and stick it into FACEBOOK ADS that get people to LIKE your fan page. This costs you pennies per like.

Once you get 1,000 likes you start posting up to 14 times a day on your fan page. Every 3rd post can be for TeeSpring, or you build your list by having people sign up to win one of your ebooks or your $1 report!

Talk about sending things into the stratosphere.

Now you plug THAT income into your Profit Planner, use the 5-Minute Daily Ritual to IMPROVE those numbers.

EVERY WEEK your enthusiasm SURGES as you see your profits GROW weekly and pile up more and more!

Fact 3: Product Creators, Coaches and Service Sellers use the 5-Minute Daily Planning Ritual to grow every month!

Once you cross that bridge to being a product creator, service provider or coach, things get even more exciting.


Because the income POSSIBILITIES get even larger and can come faster.

What if your OTO’s and one time offers include a $297/month (or more) coaching plan. Or a $197 one off set of CD’s you ship via Kunaki or Vervanti?

What if 10% of buyers of your initial “front end” widget opt for your $200 a month SERVICE?

Plug THOSE bad boy numbers back into your MAGIC NUMBER. Talk about exponential growth!

Now, all of a sudden, you have a budget of $100 or $200 to SPEND and you STILL DOUBLE GROSS!

Let me explain that….

Fact 4: Your goal with the Profit Planner is to DOUBLE GROSS and TRIPLE GROSS. Here’s what that means…

If you can just DOUBLE GROSS, you’re in the chips and can GROW LIKE A WEED!

Let me explain….

We’re ALL in the business of BUYING SALES or new customers.

You have the COST in MONEY OR TIME to GET a new customer. And, of course, time is the same thing as money when you put a value ON your time!

So you’re ALWAYS buying sales and new customers, whether you’re getting them “free” from the time you invest in blogging or doing search engine optimization to get a top ranking.

You’re BUYING SALES if you have an affiliate program.

You GET a SALE for $100 but you PAY OUT a $50 affiliate commission. So you SWAPPED $50 for $100 and NETTED $50.

Of course, it’s obvious that if you buy ads, you’re buying new customers.

EVERYTHING CHANGES when you know you know with 100% confidence that when you SPEND $X you GET BACK $Y.

So let’s say you SPEND $50 in Facebook ads to get a new customer WORTH $100 to you in 30 days.

Each customer NETS you $50 in 30 days.

If I want to hit my $8333 TARGET this month, how MANY of the $50 customers do I need to buy?

$8333 / $50 = 166

In other words, I need to BUY 166 new customers to MAKE $8333.


Did anyone EVER explain Internet marketing like this?

Do you see how it cuts through the fog?

If I spend $50 and get back $100, I DOUBLE GROSS.

If I spend $50 and get back $150, I TRIPLE GROSS.

At minimum, we want to DOUBLE GROSS. And by using the 5-Minute Daily Ritual and the Profit Planner, like a laser guided missile, you’ll ZERO IN on double grossing every day and week!

Like never before, you’ll feel focused, confident and CRYSTAL CLEAR like you just drank a pot of Cuban coffee! Wow!

Everyone talks about traffic. In fact, I have Traffic Dashboard, which is an incredible tool.

But the end of the day, who gives a FLYING WOMBAT about TRAFFIC?

Traffic doesn’t MATTER diddly squat.

What MATTERS is how many customers you’re buying TODAY and how much those customers will DEPOSIT into your HIP POCKET NATIONAL BANK 30, 60 and 90 days from now!

Fact 5: The secret is to inject my top 10 list for the month into my weekly planning session and into your daily profit plan…

I call your top 10 weekly list my Profit Plan!

You do this in a simple, fun weekly Profit Planning session where you look at your MAGIC NUMBER and determine how many customers you want to BUY this week and how much money that will stick into your checking account in 30, 60 and 90 days.

In other words, you’ll be able to PREDICT your 30, 60 and 90-day income WITH CONFIDENCE and almost CERTAINTY….maybe for the first time ever.

You can take those big, long overwhelming Master Lists and DUMP THEM.

You can take the overwhelm and send it miles BEHIND you.

You can take your frustration and uncertainty and watch it grow smaller and smaller as you GROW your weekly income by using the DOUBLE GROSSING SECRET!

Here’s a SNEAK PEAK Of a FEW Pages INSIDE the Profit Planner. I Want You To See This is a Whole New Planning System Like Nothing You Have EVER Seen Before!

The following Examples were EARLY PROTOTYPES and the real sheets you’ll get are improved versions. Sections have been blurred out to protect the proprietary numbers for owners. The complete System is for owners.

But this will show you how this is completely different from every other planner or system.

Here is where you set out your TOP 10 PROFIT LIST for the week. You do this in your Weekly Profit Planning Session. As you can see, you carry your Profit Plan for the MONTH into each week with laser-like focus….

You’ll get totally charged up for your month as you fill this out. Just the act of writing your top 10 “knock down” list on paper tells your brain, “This is important!”

It causes your “Reticular Activating System” to fire. That’s the part of your brain that filters information according to what is and isn’t important. All of a sudden your brain starts feeding you information RELEVANT to the top 10 list. It starts IGNORING things NOT on your top 10 list.

Instead of going on another goose chase, your Reticular Activating System zeroes you in on your top 10 list – without your conscious effort. It’s an almost magical process! There’s powerful science behind this….

Not only that, it just gets better and better. Each day you take your top 10 Profit Planning list and INJECT it INTO your Daily Profit Plan using the system below:

Next is the MOST IMPORTANT page. I’ve blurred out the MAGIC NUMBER because only my owners will see that.

Research proves that when you write down your injection on a specific DAY and even a time, it’s 200%+ more likely to happen! Just the act of injecting it into a specific day and a time CAUSES things to happen that wouldn’t have otherwise.

In the TRAINING, I’ll walk you through this page and help you fill out your first one. It’ll be crystal clear as I walk you through it.

This page is the one that will allow you to potentially INCREASE your “Magic Number” every week. As you can see, there are some numbers involved.

But relax. It’s easy. And I’ll walk through filling out your first one in the training. That’s the purpose of the training.

Your ACTUAL PAGES will vary from the above. I haven’t shown EVERYTHING. And there are a number of pages NOT illustrated, in order to discourage knock off artists and copycats.

IMAGINE Your Life WITH The 5-Minute Daily Ritual AND The Profit Planner In Hand

Prepare yourself to see what your NEW DAYS will look like once you have the Profit Planner in your hands right in front of you.

Step One: Once a month you’ll grab your planner, coffee or tea and set out how many deposits you want to create into your hip pocket national bank in 30, 60 and 90 days.

This is the FUN PART! You get to look over last week and last month and say, “OK, this is the number and amount of deposits I want to create THIS MONTH!”

For example, let’s say that LAST MONTH you averaged 1 sale every other day for 3 sales a week x $97 value in 30 days. That’s $300 in your hip pocket national bank in 30 days.

Not bad for a start!

But you’re feeling good and want to ramp things up some this month.

You have 4 weeks ahead of you.

You say that by the END of the 4 weeks, you want to have 5 sales a week x $127 value in 30 days.

Your goals are:

1. 2 more sales per week

2. Increase your 30-day customer value by $30.

You consult my TRAINING and come up with your top 10 list. You plug that into the monthly page.

You PREDICT that your income for the month will be:

5 sales per week x $127 = $635 xs 4 weeks = $2540.

In other words, you’ll only have roughly $400 a week to go in order to hit $8333 per month!

Your progress feels fantastic.

You’re on FIRE!

Step Two: In your Weekly Planning Sessions, write out the injections you’ll put into your week for each of the items on your top 10 list

Imagine that you have your planner right there in front of you. And it’s week one. See if you can picture right now what that would look like.

You have your Weekly Profit Planning Session. You use your Magic Number Profit Increaser WITH your top 10 list to output your injections for the week. You plug activities FROM your monthly list into the weekly list. And inject those INTO your Daily Profit Plan.

The excitement grows as you look at your week.

Your goal this week is just to ADD one additional sale and increase your customer value by $10. Basically, you just take your goal for the MONTH, divide it into 4 or 5 weeks, depending on the month, and that becomes your goal for the week!

That seems and feels TOTALLY doable but still a bit challenging. The thrill courses through your veins. For the first time ever, you can see and feel it finally coming together and totally happening.


Where has this fun and excitement been all my life?

Here we go.

Step Three: Each morning you just consult your Daily Profit Plan in a short 5-minute daily focus session, and almost effortlessly you knock off the items that day.

Your Daily Profit Plan lets you inject activities according to one of seven categories.

At the beginning of next week in your Weekly Profits Planning Session you look at your results. And you consult your top 10 list. You plug more into your weekly top 10 and inject them into the next week’s Daily Profit Plan.

Just by consulting your training, you’ll know what to plug into your monthly and weekly activities to buy more customers and make ‘em worth more in 30, 60 and 90 days.

It’s the ULTIMATE GAME where the
SCORE is the MONEY you deposit
into your hip pocket national bank!

How FUN and EXCITING is that?

In the past you heard people yacking about making 6 or 7 figures. It all seemed faint and distant to you. Like a dream.

You never had a way to turn that dream or excitement into real daily plans and actions that CAUSE the money to happen and the dreams to appear.

This is exactly WHY I created the 5-Minute Daily Planning Ritual and the Profit Planner.

Recap Of Everything You Get With The
Profit Profit Planner

You’ll get the 5-Minute Daily Ritual that focuses you like a laser on your top 20%.

Imagine the surge of confidence you’ll feel as you IGNORE all the NOISE and distractions. You’ll almost effortlessly know the few injections you need to insert into your week and day for your “Money Goal” to happen.

You’ll zero in every week on your “Money Goal” – and know what injections you need for it to happen

Even if you pay $300 to $500 to totally trick out a planner with all the latest gadgets, you STILL won’t zero in on your “Money Goal” every day and week.

Why? Because almost all planners are built for people who have jobs, NOT web entrepreneurs, info product marketers, coaches, consultants, Facebook marketers, Amazon sellers and others who make their living selling online.

Without a “Money Goal,” you wander like a ship without a rudder. No wonder it’s so easy to chase the latest bright and shiny object that won’t help you reach your “Money Goal.”

With my Profit Planner, you’ll rise above it all and see the destination. You’ll always know “true north,” so you won’t be running around in circles.

This is where the time comes from to knock off your injections for the day and week. Once you cut out all the noise and distractions, all of a sudden you HAVE the time you need for your 20%.

You’ll get 52 top ten list planner sheets where you spell; out your “injections” for the week.

Because when you know your “Money Goal” for the week, you NOW can insert injections into your week that cause it to happen with greater ease and clarity than ever before.

You’ll get 52 Daily Profit Planning pages that hold your hand as you insert your injections into each day of the week.

NO OTHER planners do this for you. The only other option is NOT using a planner. Which puts you back onto the path of being a ship without a rudder. With getting distracted daily by all the noise and practically drowning in it.

But imagine what your weeks will be like when you experience total clarity!

You’ll get 52 “Magic Number Increasers”

Having your “Magic Number” changes everything. No other planner builds in the “Magic Number.” Your decisions will practically be made for you by the “Magic Number.”

You get 12 Profit Analyzer By Product sheets that give you crucial info you’ll use when you create your top 10 list of injections for the next month.

Once a month you simply fill this in and use it as the foundation for your injections for the next month.

You get 12 Profit Analyzer By Source sheets that make creating your top 10 injections list the next month 10x easier.

As you know by now, one of the 3 big blockades is having too many decisions to make. With the right data, your decisions will feel like they’re practically made for you. No more blockade!

It’s all about having a few pieces of the right data in the right place at the right time. That’s why you need the Profit Planner with you like your best friend.

How much different could you feel when you “KNOW that know” where you are at, where you are going and how you will get there next month, next week and the very next day?

What kind of impact could that have on your life? Your business? Your finances? Your future?

You’ll get crucial “tail of responsibilities” checklists for you as a product market marketer or as an affiliate. You get both.

You’ll have a master shortlist that spells out the top 20% for you. That removes the guesswork. How powerful is that?

You’ll get step-by-step training where we show you how to fill out your first month and week.

This video training will hold your hand as you create first month’s “Money Goal,” your top 10 injections list and your first weekly and Daily Profit Plan.

I’ll show you how to pencil in your “Magic Number.” And if you don’t have one yet, I’ll show you were to get it. And what to do until you have it.

As unbelievable as it sounds, a LOT of online marketers, sellers and entrepreneurs don’t HAVE a Magic Number yet!


If ALL the Profit Planner did for you was help you know with certainty your “Magic Number that changes everything” — and it did NOTHING ELSE for you — it’d be worth 10x, 100x or even 1,000x the investment.

Question: Why only 30, 60 days? What if customers buy more? Shouldn’t you take that into account?
Question: Are you assuming that somehow magically your customers will be worth $X in 60 days?


How do I calculate my “Magic Number?” Is the math hard?

Question: Is all I have to do is plan for 5 minutes a day?

Answer: You also have your Weekly Profit Planning Session where you use your Magic Number to plug your week’s top activities INTO your top 10 list. And you have a Monthly Planning Session to determine the new top 10 list for that week.

The way it works is you set your top 10 list for the MONTH based on your money goal. You know the number of new customers you need to buy. You set a goal for how much you want them to deposit into your hip pocket national bank in 30 and 60 days. That number will be MORE than last month! It increases and grows every month.

Then each week you take that top 10 list and INJECT activities into your daily Profit Plan that RESULT in each of the top 10 actions happening.

Then, naturally, each day you just look at your Planner and with great anticipation and excitement DO the few highly focused activities that day that will CAUSE your money goal to happen for the week.

This mostly involves taking actions to RAMP UP how many customers you’re buying each day and how much they are worth to you in 30 days.

QUESTION: If I am buying customers, how much is that going to COST ME? Can I afford it? Is it expensive?

ANSWER: GREAT question. Buying customers is NOT a cost. It’s a PROFIT you generate!

Let me explain.

From experience, you will KNOW that a new customer today will deposit $X into your hip pocket national bank 30, 60 and 90 days from now.

The planner helps you track all of this and have your finger on that pulse non-freaking stop. It’s the lifeblood of your business, your income, your checking account, your future and your dreams!

So you BETCHA we’re gonna watch that puppy like a hawk. And, in fact, to my knowledge the Profit Planner and the 5 Minute Daily Ritual is the FIRST AND ONLY Planner that does this for you.

And even after copycats and imitators come along, the FIRST is almost always the best. Like Sade said, “It’s never as good as the first time!”

This is why you GET INCREDIBLY EXCITED every single day when you’re buying your new customers! You can SEE AND FEEL that Cha’Ching HITTING your hip pocket national bank in 30 and 60 days LIKE CLOCKWORK.

It’s the second most exciting thing that may ever happen in your life!

You’ve heard of “money on demand.” But this is one step better. It’s Cash Like Clockwork that is PREDICTABLE!

QUESTION: Is it hard to buy customers?

ANSWER: This is why I have TRAINING that comes with the 5-Minute Daily Ritual and the Profit Planner. The training gives you the activities to plug into your monthly top 10 list and inject into your daily Profit Plan so that you’ll know HOW to buy your new customers without spending an arm and a leg.

QUESTION: How much money do I need? What if I’m STONE COLD BROKE?

Answer: No problem. Remember, you always buy customer with either MONEY OR TIME! It happens FASTER with money. But many people have started online businesses without much money, other than their computer, Internet connection and basic software.

Most of the things you need have free or very cheap alternatives. MONEY is NOT what blockades people. That’s a MYTH. What blockades people is NOT knowing their magic number, NOT injecting a top 10 list into their daily schedule, and NOT knowing the 30, 60 and 90 value of new customers. As a result, they can’t PREDICT their income.

They see no progress daily or weekly.

They run on a treadmill of furious ACTIVITY that gets NOWHERE! Before long, their friends and family raise those skeptical eyebrows and they give up in total humiliation, or at least feeling defeated or discouraged.

THOSE are the REAL BLOCKADES. And the 5-Minute Daily Planning Ritual is design to REMOVE those blockades once and for all!

If you don’t have money, you buy them with TIME! So you inject activities into your daily Profit Plan that are fun and exciting but allow you to get new customers with TIME until you can SWAP MONEY for them!

However, with some of the new Facebook advertising systems, you can get likes on your fan page for PENNIES. And you can start posting up to 14x a day on that fan page with every 3rd post going to a list builder, TeeSpring shirt, ebook Amazon offer or affiliate offer!

In other words, you can hang onto your kidney. You won’t be needing to sell it!

There is one small flaw: The planner is printed as a 9” x 7” paperback book with a perfect bound cover. This means it won’t lay entirely flat. I couldn’t find a wire binding option from my printer. So if you can’t live this, then the Profit Planner isn’t for you! Other than that, it’s an incredible tool you’ll love and use all year long.

Here’s What You Get With
The Take 5 Profit Planner:

Profit Planner printed and shipped by mail

There’s something about HOLDING a planner in your hands. Being able to take it Starbucks and write in it. Mark it up. Flip through back pages. There’s a powerful effect on your Reticular Activating System when you write things down. That brings kinesthetic into play. Then there is the visual aspect.

Now, the shipping on the planner takes awhile. So your patience is appreciated. These orders are hand entered with care and printed on demand then shipped.

Profit Planning System Software

Let me be clear. This is NOT an online planner. But it's very cool. It gives you 1-click access to the software, and instructions for using your top 10 list for the money, the week, your daily profit plan, monthly review and member's area.

In 1 click, you'll get the exact training you need accessible our SaaS members area. Whether you are on a PC, MAC or most mobile devices you'll be able to use our software.

1 Click Marketing Plan Software

This is another powerful innovation I created for you.

To my knowledge it was the world's first 1 Click Marketing Plan Software, and it takes the guesswork out of what numbers to input into your marketing planner. Just click the button and it's DONE for you! How awesome is that?

Step-By-Step training on using the Profit Planner for maximum profits in minimum time – that will literally hold your hand as you fill out your first monthly, weekly and daily Profit Plan

This special training will hold your hand and walk you through filling out your top 10 list for the first month and inject the activities into your Daily Profit Plan.

It will explain how to figure your “Magic Number” and what to do if you don’t have sales yet.

It will show you how to predict your income 30 and 60 days from now.

It will show you how to use the Weekly Profit Increaser to zero in like a guided missile on increasing your profits each week.

Bonus Training – $97 Value

As a special bonus, I’ve arranged for you to get access to Marlon Sanders’ "Unlimited Sales" recorded video training.

People currently pay $97 to access this training.

Training Helps You Fill Out Your First Month’s Plan — $197 Value

You’ll get the recording of a special training session where you are taught step-by-step to fill out your first month’s profit plan.

This way you won’t have to worry about not knowing what to do. You’ll have clarity and focus on what to do and how to do it – with us holding your hand as you fill out your first month.

Jump Start “Profit Planning” Session — $197 Value

This was a very special recording of a LIVE video training to get you off to a fast start.

In this training, you'll get on the fast track to profits using your Profit Planner as the hub.


What Will It Be Worth To You When You Have Laser Focus, Predictable Income and a Clear Path To $8333 a Month – Potentially – And More?

In all you get these three components:

The Take 5 Profit Planner

 The Profit Planning System Software

 The 1 Click Marketing Planning Software

The Take 5 Profit Planner is 220 pages printed on the highest quality paper (I paid extra for this) that will give you the greatest focus you’ve EVER had 365 days a year! No other planner anywhere at ANY price has all the above!

Would having your weekly and daily “Money Goal,” your “Magic Number,” your top 10 injections for the month and week, your 5 Minute Daily Ritual, and your Magic Number Increaser – would those ALONE be worth a paltry $1 a day?

Think of how much time you waste every day just because you don’t have a Money Goal, don’t know your 20%, don’t have your Magic Number in front of you, and don’t have injections for your week?

Think about it! If you value your time at say $25 an hour, that’s $.41 per MINUTE!

In other words, if the Profit Planner saves you even THREE MINUTES A DAY, it ALREADY paid for itself!

Would agree with me that just barely using your Profit Planner each day is likely to save you AT LEAST 3 minutes?

If so, you MUST get it! Because I’ll guarantee you that if you do your 5 Minute Daily Ritual you’ll save a lot more than 3 minutes!

Only $97

Click Add To Cart To Order Now


It's in the member's area.

Best Wishes,

The Take 5 Profit Planner Team



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